Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Madmen of Mandoras - 1963

Wow.  I had no idea.  I had no idea, that is, that THIS is They Saved Hitler's Brain.  Because I thought I had that, but I guess I thought I had it somewhere else.  I mean its easy to get them confused.
Please note the Gorehouse Greats, right above this word.

So They Save Hitler's Brain is a bit of a cult movie, mostly because of it's name.  But seriously how could it not be??  I love that title because it is both the name of the movie AND the plot.

This movie is just the right amount of wrong.  It is not quite fast paced enough to watch sober, but if you turn it into a drinking game it's pretty badass.  Here are your instructions:
1) a drink for every drink they have
2) a drink for every man the main actress's sister kisses
3) a drink for every "Hispanic" person that randomly speaks perfect English
4) a drink for every weird confusing expression Hitler makes
5) a drink for when you can see the obvious use of a dummy head instead of the actor

Plot wise, who cares.  Basically some guy finds out that his fiancee's daughter has been kidnapped, and he has to go to some island in South America to rescue him and find out what's going on.  While there they uncover some Nazis that are there, and the back-story tells us the Fuhrer himself, towards the end of his reign, got some top scientists and they figured out a way to have him live with his head unattached from his body.

It's all just an excuse to have hero Phil team up with Camino, his Hispanic friend, and together fight the Reich.  And then before you know it, it's over in one of the most ridiculous endings ever.  Oh it's just stupid.  Spoilers here, they defeat the entire Nazi group (which was pretty small, but still)  in like 1 minute flat AND kill Hitler AND then it just says the end!  And that's it.  Oh what the fuck.

It does have a wackiness to it at some points and that's okay to watch, but it's just very slow at points.  Needs to be a bit quicker paced.  As a drinking game, you'll be pretty drunk, and enjoy it.

Minor gripe about this film:  did they not think the actor playing Hitler was effective?  Because Hitler has seriously like 2 lines in the entire movie.  Mostly its just quick shots of his face, and he's making the most retarded expressions imaginable.  Why did they do this?  Why not give Hitler some dialogue? Where they thinking he should only speak German? Just have him speak English, people aren't going to care!  Are people going to complain about something like that in a movie called fucking They Saved Hitler's Brain?!  NO!  Instead he is reduced to a wacky sidekick just there for schlocky effect.

Truthfully, I cannot imagine why they did that because this movie could've been a lot better.  Maybe they were actually going to comedy.  Who really knows.

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