Sunday, February 8, 2015

Terrified - 1963

I was only off by one year, I guessed 1962.  Back to the Gorehouse "there is zero gore in this movie" Greats boxset with Terrified.

This is the first one on the boxset where the audio level just sucks.  I had a hard time hearing what was being said, the dialogue was very muffled and badly recorded. It sounded like instrument approximations of a voice, rather than a voice.

Someone is engaging in highly unsafe highway behavior, playing chicken with people on the road.  When he almost runs an elderly couple off the road, they take a load off at a nearby restaurant where Marge, Ken, and David overhear their story and wonder what it's all about.  So they head up to some abandoned town to talk to "Crazy Bill".  Turns out someone has killed him, someone in a black mask that now is hunting the three of them.  Could it be Joey, some guy who these three people somehow know?

I don't know about this movie.  That was my best guess at the plot after seeing it, because I couldn't keep the characters straight.  Apparently "Joey" was in the movie, but I don't remember him at all.  Who the hell was he?  And why does it sound like they're saying "Joy" whenever they say his name? It is revealed just about the time the three of these guys- Marge Ken and David- are wondering who the killer could be, that Joey has escaped prison.  Naturally, they assume it must be him that's killing people.  Whatever.  It's not plot important, I think they just wanted a reason for the 3 of them to pursue the killer.

So they go to this abandoned town, and Ken embarks on a mission to track down the killer.  It's so ridiculous, the hunting scene between him and the killer dude.  It has to go on about 15-20 minutes (feels like it anyway) and it is one of the worst sequences ever.  You can't tell who's hunting who first of all.  We're following Ken as he looks for the killer.  Yet, one time when he sees him, he just runs away!  WTF?  And then the killer goes through like 4 different times when he captures Ken, or almost kills him, just to each time let him go.  Why?!

Seriously, first he strangles Ken, but only to unconsciousness.  Then he traps Ken in a basement that is flooding.  As the water rises, the killer stands on the cellar door, blocking Ken from opening it.  Then he randomly lets him out.  And not like, right before he's gonna die or anything.  A good like, 8 hours before the place was going to flood.  Then he buries Ken alive.  With like, an inch of dirt.  Sorry, but I really don't think that would kill anyone.  But Ken dies.  Because he died of fright see?  He was Terrified, see?  It's the name of the movie.

Then it's just Marge and David and spoilers are that the killer is indeed NOT Joey, but rather some guy named Wes.  Yeah, you remember Wes from earlier right?  Oh, you don't?  Hm.  Oh, I see.  He wasn't IN the movie earlier.  Yes, it's the stupidest thing, the random guy they pulled out of a hat.  He apparently knew the girl Marge when she was young.  And then he decided to start killing because he thought the world wasn't good enough for her and he loved her.  Yeah, sure, whatever.

Okay, just a point or two here:  So he wants the world to be "better" for Marge.  And he does that by:
1 - Playing chicken with random people on the road?  What the heck was the plan there?  Although, that road plot was dropped like 15 minutes into the film, it never got back to it, and the film never actually said it was the killer in the end, Wes.  So does that mean that someone else was doing the road games?  I think that logically we must say "maybe".
2 - Killing Crazy Bill??  Wes specifically states that he did not like the attention Marge was getting from the boys at her school.  That's why he killed Ken.  But what did Crazy Bill do?  He was just some old wino living in an abandoned town.  I doubt he was making the moves on Marge any time soon.

It's pretty dumb, I'm giving it a half a star.  It's not clever or smart, has no replay value, it serves no function.  It tries too hard too.  It's over the top attempts at tension are just tedious.  And as I said in the first paragraph, zero gore.  Okay, there's like an attempt at some blood around Crazy Bill's body, but it's nothing worth mentioning.  Can I give a 1/4 star?

This is what Google came up with when I image searched 1/4 star

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