Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Alive - 1969

This is a rendering of what a Mosasaurus would look like, I found it by looking up Mosasaurus.

Now I'm not saying they had the internet in the day this movie was made, but just make a dinosaur up!  You could just say, uh, Ullatyasaurus or something, I made that up just now.  Don't claim the monster in your movie is obviously something it is not.  I dunno.

So that's not my normal intro piece I know, but that is my intro to 1969's It's Alive.  They even say it normally gets to be 150 feet.  Then the one in this just a midget?  Who knows.  It does star actual actor Tommy Kirk, best known from Old Yeller  (Travis in that movie).

He looks overweight and less appealing in this movie though.  In fact, everyone in this movie looks unappealing.

A couple wanders into a cave, they find some cray-zay monster in it that looks like the Gill Man from Creature From the Black Lagoon, and they are trapped by the lunatic old guy that has decided to befriend the creature.  The lunatic monster man has a woman who helps him.  Why, you ask....hahahah.  WHY?  Well, you get to know!  Oh yes!  You do!  In the award winning "Longest Flashback Ever"  That's right, from 43:33 1:05:39, a 22 minute flashback shows just about her entire life story.

This movie isn't all that bad though.  It just suffers from a boatload of padding and far too much reliance on the madness of it's main villain.  Having a sweaty dude yell about his dinosaur friend is great and all, it's just you know, not that great cinema.

I am getting back to the Gorehouse Greats tonight, forgive this little excursion.

Update 2/4/15:  I have decided, against my better judgement to re-watch and re-critique this film.  I was not paying enough attention, I was not in the right mood, and frankly, other reasons make me think it deserves a second chance.  See my other review, coming hopefully soon.

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