Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oasis of the Zombies - 1982

AKA Treasure of the Living Dead

There's camp and then there's like camp camp. You know those people who go camping but they take like 8 different outfits for two days and a gas stove and an ice-chest and all? Then there are the ones who store everything in one muddy old backpack, look miserable, but you're secretly jealous of? This is that kind of movie. People love this shit.

This is the kind of movie that people like Ed Wood made possible. When it was understood that people wanted to see something that looked like trash, that they wanted low budget fuckery. This is a 80's movie that looks so low quality and bad that it looks early 70's. It's got no budget, actors and a director that have done porn films, and it looks like it was most likely filmed directly onto VHS, with editing done in camera, by a teenager. In short, it's trash, at heart and soul, and it should be watched as such.

The difference for me is the intent and charm. I love the older films because I know they wanted to entertain. They took themselves seriously for the most part, and there's that part of your brain that almost wants think that if everything had worked like the director and producer wanted, it would have been a hit. But then there's this. Made with the goal of trash, the goal of nothing. No thought given, just money thrown at some 80 minute thing that's vaguely a film.

Oasis starts with some sort of conflict at an oasis in the desert. There are Nazis of course, and they're fighting some other people, and there's something about treasure, and there's random shots of other things. Cut to present day I think and that oasis is still there, treasure is still there, and a group of people want it. They go out to get it. They encounter other people who they also fight, and then in the last 15 minutes the zombies appear. No kidding. None until now. The zombies are afraid of fire so some 3 inch flames in a circle around our heroes keeps them safe until the daylight comes and the zombies magically disappear. And they may or may not have gotten the treasure.

Every reviewer of these types of things is different. Me, I like my trash to be fun, or accidental, or interesting, or fast paced, or to look cool...It really doesn't matter I just want one thing that's good about it. Not like this in other words. This might be interesting if you're stoned, maybe, but don't waste good weed on this movie.

I feel like it's still better than It's Alive though. 1 star. For some okay looking makeup and one cool prop head. That's it. Nothing else was done well.

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