Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Invasion of the Bee Girls - 1973

This little piece of 70's history is a great exploitation classic.  Writer Nicholas Meyer went on to work in Star Trek, which is pretty cool.  Invasion of the Bee Girls almost would play like one of those old Star Trek episodes, in a way, if you cleaned up all the nudity and had Shatner fighting them, as they tried to seduce him.

It's a simple enough idea, some sort of scientist is genetically altering bees, and somehow this infects nearby girls.  These girls then have sex with men, and they literally wear them out physically in bed until the men die.  Then, uh, well... no, there is no then.  That's it.  And Neil Agar is the cop who is tracking them down.  It's all very simple, nice and straight forward.

The coolest things about this movie are the breasts, the music, the breasts, the deaths, and of course the breasts.  Yes there's lots of topless girls, some young, some older, most white, one or two black.  Most in decent looking physical shape, one or two not so much.  It's basically part of these bee girls reproduction thing, it seems they must be topless.  Perhaps they are like bees in that bees don't wear clothing?  I don't know.  I don't care.

One of the other highlights to this movie is that we do get to see how these bee girls spread their bee infection to other women.  In a super cool sequence, a woman is stuck with a little needle, covered in a thick white paste, put into a sort of a pod looking mechanical thing, and then she is brought out after a while, and emerges as a bee girl.  It's a really well done, interesting and unique thing to see in a movie like this.  So many other movies would've just never approached this topic, or left it with the first needle thing and had that been it.  There's even a tiny girl-girl kiss to mark the transformation. Hot.

The music is also just dead on perfect for the film.  It's wacky, bizarre, and fun.  I thought it truly helped set an atmosphere, kind of serious because it's not so over the top to be comedy, but also comedy because you definitely can't take it seriously.  Music an amazingly overlooked part of a film that is noticeable when it's done right.  I always thought a good movie has a music piece to it that is memorable, recognizable, and unique.  Sure, some movies don't need a score.  But when the rest of your movie is just a fun filler boobfest, why not make it better by having an awesome soundtrack?

A couple other really cool things to point out:  I love that the girls have these black bee eyes when they are bee girls.

Very cool effect, very creepy, In fact this movie was almost creepy just because of how weird it was.  Similar to how you can have an uncomfortable feeling from a movie about abuse, or drugs, this one was so strange that it actually succeeded in making one uncomfortable.

Also the scenes with actual bees are always impressive.  This was back when people used to use real effects and actual insects on a film, and it looks soooo much better than CG.  I have been on a couple amateur film sets in my life, and I can tell you just how much work those shots must've been.  I do miss the days when films actually did things like that instead of green screen.

As far as a rating, I think it would be unfair to give it something too high.  It's a lot of fun, and it's aged well, and it could easily be someone's favorite B (get it, BEE) movie, but even that person would have to say it's not the greatest film ever.  I'll give it something like 4 stars.  It probably deserves 5, or 3, or 0, in different ways, but it's awesome, and it's my fucking website.

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