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Gorehouse Greats Collection - Review

And so it is that I have watched all the movies contained in Mill Creeks epic "Gorehouse Greats" 12 movie collection.  Here are the links to all my reviews, in order of the appearance on the back of the DVD box.  I'll include a brief synopsis and review in the section below.

Blood of Dracula's Castle - Glen and Liz inherit a house, which currently has occupants - they go out to see the house only to soon discover that the people who live there are sadistic vampires.    I really liked this move.  A damaged print aside, it had that classic midnight movie feel to it, it hit all the right keys, and made watching it extremely fun.  4/5 stars.

Blood Mania - Two sisters inherit money from deceased dad - what they don't expect is the instant rivalry that puts between them, especially when one of them is kinda crazy.  This movie was ultimately very forgettable, but surprisingly the one that now I think I want to re-watch the most.  It did have a cool atmosphere and interest to it, It just needed more attention than I was willing to give it.  I gave it 2/5 stars but frankly I bet it deserves more.

Brain Twisters - Doctor Phillip Rothman is conducting experiments on students at a local university - experiments that drive them to kill!  Easiest to sum up so far!  This one was very 90's, and kind of entertaining in that 90's cheese sort of way.  It felt campy and bland but was actually kind of interesting and fun.  I gave it 2/5 stars.

The Devil's Hand - Rick Turner is haunted by visions of a woman in his dreams.  When he sees her likeness on a doll at a local store, he goes in, and gets introduced to a weird cult.  This movie had a strong beginning, petered out a bit, and ultimately made me unhappy at the end.  But it was pretty well made, it was just more of a drama than the rest.  It is perhaps the most vague film on here, is the oldest, and frankly it shows.  I wasn't giving movies stars at this point but in hindsight, 2.5/5

The Madmen of Mandoras - After a string of disappearances, policemen descend upon a South American island where Hitler's Reich still reigns, led by an enigmatic leader.  This movie is the "best" movie on here as far as Cult Classics is concerned.  I mean the front of the DVD case does say 12 cult classics.  So they were going for that.  This movie is also known as "They Saved Hitler's Brain" and just from that title you know it's good.  Wackiness and stupidity give this one a high watchability factor.  See it with friends!  I give it 4/5

Nightmare in Wax - Cameron Mitchell stars as Vincent Renard, a wax sculptor and psycho killer who is out for revenge for a wrong that was done to him ages ago.  This may have been the film I was most excited about in the beginning, and then let down by.  It just didn't have that certain indefinable thing to it.  I don't know.  Put this on the list of ones I must rewatch.  I gave it 2/5

Prime Evil - A satanic cult needs a virgin sacrifice to retain their immortality - will a local virgin girl be their next victim?  Meanwhile, a brave nun tries to infiltrate the cult.  This movie was my first to watch and I was not sure what to expect.  It's a slow film in retrospect, but it does create an atmosphere.  It's very talky, but has some unique kills. I guess it gets 2.5/5

Satan's Slave - Catherine and her parents are on their way to see her uncle when they crash, and her parents die.  Living with her uncle, she soon becomes aware that not all is as it seems. I liked this movie, and it may go down as the least likely movie to be on this set.  Why?  It is actually classy, well made, has good actors, and aged well.  It could easily be a well known 70's horror in other words.  It's a slow build up, not helped by the awesome beginning, and thus the biggest flaw in the movie is it's pacing.  Also, an overdone ending doesn't help. I feel compelled to give in 3.5/5 stars.

Stanley - I almost didn't include this review.  I must apologize for my short, inprecise, and inaccurate review of Stanley.  You have my promise as a film reviewer that I will actually watch this movie, and post a new review.  For now, read my drunk review and take it as more of a random drunk rant.  I cannot rate this movie yet.

Terrified - Someone is playing dangerous games on the road, and it leads 4 young people to a deserted mining town where they find a body.  Are they the next victims?  Definitely the weak spot on the DVD release, this movie was plagued by plot holes and stupidity.  I felt like some scenes were unnecessarily long and awkward.  It may have also been the most technically inept film on here.  That said, it would make a great movie to riff because of it's long silences.  Half a star rating.

Terror - While making a movie, a film crew accidentally unleashes a ghost, who comes after them.  The winner of the boxset for me initially, I felt compelled to read some other reviews of this movie.  People can find the smallest things to complain about.  I still think this movie was great.  It was smart, fast paced, clever, and fun.  An awesome movie.  I will give it 4/5

Trip With the Teacher - A couple rebel motorcyclists find a broken down bus filled with pretty young girls.  When they get in trouble with the girl's caretaker, they lead them all out to the middle of nowhere and get their revenge.  Definitely the darkest, strangest, and creepiest film on the set, this movie is the only one that I would warn someone about.  It's definitely well made and acted, it's got a cool setting, and it's a good movie.  It's just not campy, feel-good, or cheesy like the rest.  3.5/5

Alright!  So look at that! It's all done.  In all, I gave most the movies pretty decent reviews.  I have to say this was the first time I watched a boxset all the way through.  I should also say that I should have watched them all sober, approached them all the same way, been more analytical, whatever.  But I'm just human.  Let's give awards!

Most fun movie  -   Madmen of Mandoras
Most blood in a movie  -  Blood Mania
Least blood in a movie  - Terrified
Most yawn worthy  - The Devil's Hand
Best death  - Terror
Worst death  - Prime Evil
Stupidest plot - probably Stanley
Most nudity  - Blood Mania
Best to drink to   - Madment of Mandoras
Best to show to your lady  - Terror
Most forgettable  - Brain Twisters  /  Prime Evil tie

All in all this is a great purchase.  I loved 4, almost 5 of these movies.  So 5 great movies for the low, low price of 3 dollars on Amazon, is just a great deal.  Plus, I am going to rewatch at least 4 of these.  So that's cool.

Box quality is serviceable, those little black paper things that hold the DVDs are just about as cheap as possible though.  One is already coming apart.  

Overall value, I give it a solid B-.  Coulda been much, much worse.

Stay tuned to my blog, I have 5 more box sets to review, plus I have From Beyond, Invasion of the Bee Girls, and more coming up!

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