Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Warlock - 1989

I really didn't intend to watch this few movies this month.  I really started off with a bang on this blog.  But I'm slowin' waaaay down.  Sorry, but since there's no one reading anyways, that kind of makes it easier to not care.  I took in Warlock while I was at my work yesterday and today, kinda split it in half between the two days.

Warlock is one of those forgotten about movies from the late 80's that was green lit (most likely) because of such films as Highlander being successful.  Warlock is kind of your typical action-adventure type thing that aims for the mid-level entertainment demographic and fanbase and succeeds in somewhat appealing to it.  Warlock was mildly successful in that it spawned two sequels, but it is mostly unknown nowadays, it doesn't have the following other similar movies had.

Warlock is about Julian Sands as the title Warlock getting transported to modern day America.  Along with him comes Warlock hunter Redferne.  They both come from the 1600's or something, and so naturally wacky misunderstandings about modern technology take place with Redferne as he interacts with local 80's girl "Kassandra with a K".  Yes, it's your typical out-of-place comedy antics as Redferne doesn't understand cars and whatnot and the 80's girl wearing a fucking pink midriff shirt shows him what's what. 

I don't mean to make this movie sound like your fish out of water comedy, cause it's not, but I honestly thought it would head that way when I saw these guys interact.  The good thing though is there's plenty of Julian Sands in the film being pure evil.  He's out to get some pages from a book so he can learn the true name of god and undo all of creation.  He also puts a spell on Kassandra that ages her 20 years every day, so now she's roped into helping Redferne.

The movie goes mostly as expected, they clash a few times with Redferne eventually getting outsmarted or beaten in some wily way, and Kassandra and Redferne clash in their typical way - featuring the ever-so-classic part where Kassandra could leave but doesn't, and instead chooses to continue helping Redferne stop Warlock.

One thing I appreciated is that we see Sands being super badass and powerful throughout the film, He isn't just occasionally cool.  Also, I like that they let Redferne be powerful too, Red hurts the Warlock several times, and so does Kassandra.  There's a particularly cool segment where she drives nails through his feet through some magic with sand  (yeah, sounds weird, I know).

The movie's decent.  It kills time, it doesn't bore you to death, and the characters and music are solid enough.  It's not as classic as Highlander, but it's a decent ancient-warriors-fight-in-modern-times flick.  I wonder what other movies fit into that "genre"?
I'll give it a good 3 stars.  It's definitely not like, AMAZING or anything....

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