Sunday, April 12, 2015

Heatseeker - 1995

There seemed to be a plethora of bad action movies in the late 80's and early to mid 90's.  My personal opinion is that the success of some of those early Steven Seagal movies, combined with the initial success of Jean Claude Van Damme, and the presence of Schwarzenegger still making good movies, Stallone, et all, made directors eager to jump on the action movie bandwagon.

I mention Seagal and Van Damme first because they were doing the straight beat-em-up style of action; no guns, no knives, no sci fi or fantasy aspect to most of those movies.  Those movies were just about a straight-shooter whole-hearted clean-cut guy going one on one with seemingly unstoppable evil.

The perfect example of this in my opinion is Van Damme in Bloodsport.  Movies like that made for an easily imitable action movie formula.  And Heatseeker, directed by lesser known bad movie maker Albert Pyun, is definitely a cheapo ripoff of all the action movies that were coming out at the time.

It is the future, naturally, and damn, a lot has to happen really quick, cause this movie takes place in 2019.  And to quote GTA Vice City, in the future there will be robots.  These robots are more like the cyborg implanted humans though.  And they compete in fights.  So humans with a certain percentage of robot in them fight to the death in this contest, and it's cool and all.  Except that one guy, the good guy, Chance O'Brian, is all human.

The only human in his league against superior, stronger and faster robots, Chance O'Brian (extremely Irish sounding name for an Asian guy) is going to have to be the best to win over any of these guys in battle.  But don't worry, he is the best and magically defeats everyone he's pitted against.  But his hot female manager has some implanted part and the chief bad guy played by Gary Daniels uses it to control her.

After we get to see her perfect, sweat covered tits, she is now in the bad guy corner and Chance is up against the big bad himself, Gary Daniels as Xao.  Asian guy with Irish name vs. British guy with Asian name.  Okay, weird.

Heatseeker is one of those extremely low quality, no surprises, no hidden easter egg type movies.  It follows a crayon-drawn plot and it's so simplistic you'll probably consider turning it off several times.  I know I did.  I mean we all know what's going to happen.  The clean cut human is going to beat the evil android dude.  Might I mention that this plot is the same as a Twilight Zone episode called Steel?

Heatseeker was probably made to be slightly edited and shown on TV, and it really only serves to put another entry into the long list of forgettable 90's action movies.  I'll give it a star, for Gary Daniels, who I like, and the hot chick's nice breasts.  Tried to find you a photo of it but couldn't.  Also, btw, the title of the movie has nothing to do with the plot.

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