Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Unforgettable - 1996

Well, I wasn't going to include this movie in this blog, but then I figured, you know, this movie is one of those easy to watch forgettable 90's movies, much like Rodentz, Convict 762, Ice Cream Man and Brain why not throw this one in too?  I find that when it comes to bad movies I inevitably start long ago and then work my way up to current.  This is an ongoing thing with me, I'll watch say, The Time Machine or something, then some 70's sci fi movie, then an 80's teen thriller, and then some late 90's action thing.  It's like a cycle.  Then I'll go back to the 50's for something and start all over.

The 90's were sort of the king of boring, dumb, every-one-is-exactly-the-same action movies.  Whether this was because more were being made for TV only with no hopes of theatrical release, or the popularity of action movies at the time, I'm sure it was a combination of those factors and more.  But also incredibly popular was the sexy thriller drama movie.  These were like the dark female with the shady cop and the cocaine doing know the type of movie.  The 90's were the king of the anti-hero.  They also didn't make their anti-heroes stupid like in movies now.

Unforgettable is kind of an mystery/drama/thriller type movie that was pretty much made to exist in the 90's only.  It feels incredibly 90's, and that's reinforced by starring Ray Liotta, Linda Fiorentino, and Christopher McDonald.  It even has Kim Cattrall in a small role!

Ray Liotta plays David Krane, a tough cop who was at one point framed for the murder of his wife, but the case was dismissed.  He wants to solve the case, but has no leads.  He attends a seminar held for an experimental new drug, designed by Linda Fiorentino as Martha.  Martha won't let him try out the drug, which is designed to let him experience the memories of other people (namely, his wife).  He steals the drug one night, and injects himself with it.

The movie goes through some padding as he experiences these memories, finds out his wife was cheating on him, first suspects one guy and then another, etc.  It's all very average mystery movie stuff with no real surprises.  The flashbacks get kind of tedious and the movie does suffer from being way too long.  I had the "thrill" of watching this movie 32 ounces deep into malt liquor and I still had a few times where I wondered how much of the movie was left.  We know he's going to get the guy, does it really have to take that long?!  At almost 2 hours, this movie should have been 90 minutes tops.

Another bland movie, another bland review, I'm getting tired of dishing out these constant 1 and 2 star reviews.  Where does this one land?  I dunno, probably on the low end of that spectrum.

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