Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Escape from Galaxy 3 - 1981

Did I watch these and decide to write the review later, then forget?  Or was I too drunk to remember watching them at all, and only retained the slightest memory of the film?

I started the Sci Fi Invasion boxset with a basic and flawless plan:  watch all of one disc, move on to the next one, and keep on this path until all 50 were finished.  Butttttttt....I watched a few out of order because I had seen films before/I wanted to see something else/different moods I was in.  Then, at some point, I started films without finishing them.  Then, I apparently had films like this, which I watched all of and then, DIDN'T review?!

So I had to watch Escape from Galaxy 3 twice.  I kinda really fucked myself over on that one.  I never would've normally seen this one twice.  It's not like it's all that bad, it's just that as you might guess, I have trillions of movies I need to watch.  And as you can see, what frustrates me the most is that I might end up watching movies twice, wasting my time, when I could have seen a new one and gotten that much more through the Sci Fi boxset.

Escape from Galaxy 3 is a lot like Hyper Sapien, also from the boxset.  I thought of that movie both as I was watching Galaxy 3, and later when I was formulating the review in my head.  You've got pretty similar plots:  Aliens land on Earth and it's mostly a big so what.  They have powers, but don't use them for too much, and eventually they begin to love life on Earth over what they used to have.  Both movies have other aliens that are hunting them, putting innocent lives in danger.

Galaxy 3 is perhaps "better".  I say that because it's not as childish on the outset.  It doesn't have a cheesy childish muppet for number one, but also it has nudity, has more action and violence, and is faster paced.  In it, Belle and Lithan land on Earth.  They are pursued by the evil, jewel bearded black guy character.  They immediately become interested in human interaction.  They especially are interested in the sexual practices of humans, or maybe that's only because it seems every human they come upon is in the midst of coitus.

Things go from there.  Again, for like the umpteenth time in this set, I wondered who the target audience was.  Sure, this is Italian, and nudity and sex wasn't as "bad" in Europe especially in the 80's.  But this is far too silly for an older audience, and not very exciting and very sexual for a younger audience.  Pretty much those age 9-13 are the only ones who might like it, and that's being very generous.  For a taste of how nutty this film can be, check out this ridiculous alien costume:
A starfish on her breast?  Seriously?

I was mildly entertained, and perhaps with copious amounts of weed this movie would be a lot better, but as it stands, 2.5 stars is way too generous.

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