Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beyond the Moon / The Gypsy Moon - 1954 / 1956

Please see my review of Silver Needle in the Sky as to what this is.

(And I was really tempted just now to make that the entire review)

Sigh....This is two more lengthy installments of Rocky Jones.  Each one of these is 3 episodes, strung along together and made to appear as if it's a complete story.  Of course, it's not very complete.  It's not the least sensible thing I've ever seen, but it is clearly not meant to be self contained as a film.

Sometimes, you think to yourself, yeah, I get this.  You're watching it, and you're like, okay I get that this is for kids, but it's not that bad.  It's like that old Batman show with Adam West.  When Robin would say stuff like "holy hoodwink Batman".  What I'm saying is that the demographic for this show, kids who were born in the 40'-50's, is gone.  Obviously.

These movies are quite interchangeable.  Beyond the Moon has a plot about Bobby, the kid, being brainwashed by the evil aliens, and turning against Rocky Jones.  The Gypsy Moon has a plot about a warring couple of moons who come into contact with Rocky and they try to get him to end their war for them.  Along the way, Vena, the girl on Rocky's team as well as token old guy Professor Newton have minor roles and are occasionally more or less annoying.

If I sound more negative in this review than I was for Silver Needle, I think it's cause this concept wears thin very quick.  I cannot imagine watching all 13 movies.  Oh god.  I cannot, cannot imagine watching 13 of these.  I might literally go insane.

I was pretty into giving Silver Needle 3 stars as being a classic sci fi thing, and I'll downshift that to 2 stars for these two entries, but it is not as bad as Planet Outlaws still.  Sci Fi Boxset of course had these cause this is public domain bullshit.

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