Friday, January 20, 2017

Invaders from Space - 1965

I'm on a regular Sci Fi Invasion boxset roll right now.  It's taken me a tremendous amount of time to get through this beast, considering everything.  I wasn't originally going to submit reviews for every movie, but then what's the point of owning the fucking thing if I did that?  Some of these movies, for example Extraterrestrial Invaders, The Creeping Terror, Horror High, The Alien Factor, and more, I had already seen before the boxset.  I waffled on whether or not to see these movies again for review purposes, or to just submit my review based on my memories of the films.

Ultimately, I still haven't decided a lot about the nature of my reviews, what I'm doing with my life, if I really want to have sex with another guy again or if women are enough, and where I'll be in 1 or 2 years or even 3 months.  There's a lot of strands in old duder's head right now.

Invaders from Space is diving back into my "oh so favorite" type of sci fi movies: those made from cut together TV serials.  I feel like I should not need to explain this AGAIN, so see the Rocky movie reviews or the Buck Rogers ones, or Fugitive Alien.  I am so ready to be done with these.

Invaders from Space is episodes 3 and 4 of Japanese TV show Super Giant.  Starring a Prince of Space like superhero known as Starman, Invaders from Space centers around invading aliens known as the Salamander Men.  Salamander Men is changed from the original Japanese series, in which they were the kappa, a race of malevolent beings that have obscured agendas and are mythological beings in Japan.

The Salamander Men begin to unleash a plague on mankind.  It's unclear at first how they are doing this, and mankind is freaked out.  Starman interjects, and discovers that the Salamander Men are using a local performing arts theater to spread the plague.  Why they're doing it this way is anyone's guess, but it does fit the theme of "what the fuck" that this movie is dripping plenty of.

When Starman meets up with these aliens, it's pretty silly.  Heck, silly is the word I would choose to apply to this entire film in general, but we're talking dancing around, over the top antics, seriously ridiculous dialogue, and the works.  There are of course kids thrown into the plot as well, since that was the demographic this show was aimed at, but they are not too annoying in this.  I will later on "get" to watch another installment of this series when I watch Evil Brain from Outer Space.

It's fun in an odd way, it's way better than most of these serials I have seen.  It's perhaps the Japanese factor and being way more decipherable than Fugitive Alien.  Also, it reminds me heavily of Prince of Space, which is one of my favorite MST3K episodes.  I'm rocking a MST3K t-shirt today btw.
3 stars.

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