Friday, August 12, 2016

Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star - 1986

If I'd known I had a few more 1986 movies in this Sci Fi Invasion boxset, I might have watched them before I turned 30 in my '86 movie marathon!  But I didn't even fucking check.  Here's how I was going to originally intro this movie:

There are two basic types of movies that exist.  The ones you forget, and the ones you remember.  I watched this movie last night, and then I watched Full Metal Jacket afterwards.  Guess which movie I enjoyed more?  Now guess which movie I was thinking about afterwards, and that I was still thinking about this morning?  Well, I guess it's a tad unfair to compare this to a Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, but still, I'm just saying there's the movies you forget about (this one) and the ones you never do (Full Metal Jacket).

Looking through the filmographies of the actors involved in this, I see a lotta different soap operas.  I wonder if those actors ever make it.  I can't think of pretty much anyone who was in soap operas and still made it big after that.  Of course George Clooney was in E/R, but I dunno if that was a true "soap" or if it was a TV show.  I think it was a soap.  But anyways, it seems to be the last ditch type of acting that people can do besides being on a local TV commercial, like the ones that are produced and shown specifically in one city.  The director however has done a Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the one film with Lazenby.  So that's interesting.

Hyper Sapien was definitely made with the kids in mind, this one is more of a kids movie that even Pod People. It's an upbeat little romp about some aliens that come down from the moon to see what Earth is like.  Two of the aliens are human-looking females, and the third alien is their pet Kirby, who is a three-legged weird-ass creature with psychic powers....
The aliens encounter our main character Dirt (on the left in the above pic) and quickly an attraction forms between Dirt and the older female alien, Robyn.  They all live with Dirt's grandfather and....ah fuck it, you get it.

This movie was pretty bland, it's your average mix of boring and also lightly entertaining.  Extremely predictable, and nothing in it happens that will make you want to pay attention 100%.  No one ever shows any surprise about the ridiculous alien Kirby there either.  When Dirt and later his grandpa meet Kirby they're just like "uh, hi?" instead of being like "wtf is this thing?!"

For being completely average and not a complete waste of time, I think 2 stars is more than enough, but due to the fact this is really childish, I might downgrade to 1.5.  It sure doesn't deserve more than 2, and now that I think about it more, it was pretty annoying.  Movies have to have something that makes you like them.  Although, the Kirby creature and the acting were okay, I still remain set on a 1.5.  I make the rules here after all.

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