Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Executioner, Part II - 1984

I absolutely had to include a video.  Because the acting and the script in this is possibly the worst I have EVER seen.  This movie is the ultimate in forced, crappy dialogue.  Watch the vid, hombre.

I'm kinda stepping into semi well known of cult movies again here.  This movie is on the bad side of cult, the so-bad-it's-awesome thing.  This movie is bad.  Bad, bad, bad.  Really, it's quite bad.  The actors, the script, they are what really make it bad first.  Then it's the plot.  The plot is very minimal, has absolutely no depth to it, and offers no payoff in the end either.  It's also a well established fact that this movie, Executioner Part II, has no Part I.  This is a sequel to a movie that DOESN"T EXIST.

Why would you do this?  To give your movie legitimacy.  Also, read my review wherein I explain the importance of a legacy.  Sometimes people will rent a movie solely based on the fact they think it's part of something.  That's why sequels, reboots, prequels, spinoffs, etc, exist.  You don't need to spend time establishing who these people are, you don't need to have a complete story in one film, you can kinda just dive right into the action, into the story, and the audience is ok because they already know what's going on.  

I dunno if I'd slam the movie for this.  As I said in that link above, I think it's kind of smart.  Now, in this case, it's a little to the extreme. But think about this - the most popular movie of all time Star Wars.  Launching with the 4th movie.  In 1977.  With no explanation.  Okay, how many people noticed, and how many people cared, that's up for debate.  But you know, shit could've happened.  George Lucas could'a died or whatever.  What if we never got episodes 1-3?  Some of you out there are like "that would've been better!"  Hey dude, I'm not arguing about Star Wars.  I'm saying it's okay to randomly make Executioner Part II.  

Executioner 2 is about an executioner who's takin' out all the baddies in LA.  People are taking it as a blessing and a curse, bored cop Roger O'Malley is trying to figure out who the executioner is, and the underworld is hurting.  His drug addict daughter Laura meanwhile just needs some drugs, yo.  She is trying to get her fix and gets mixed up with "the tattoo man" who I guess is one of the big bad LA crime lords.  She turns to prostitution via her friend, and pretty soon the executioner is also going after the tattoo man.  Roger is also hot on the trail of the executioner, and thinks he knows who the executioner might be.

This is most def a friends, drinking, smoking, riffing, etc etc movie.  Great choice for any bad movie party, or just something to put on if you want to see what a true amateur film looks like.  Although I enjoyed it, it should also be said that it's not 5 stars by any measure.  I think it could've been more fun, and the plot especially is not very discernible.  Lots of times it's just "stuff happening" and no reason.  In my opinion, the best midnight movies are the ones where you don't have to know what's going on.  It's not that you have to know what's going on in this, it's just that this movie is more like, you wonder what this scene has to do with another, and another, and a lot of times the answer is nothing.  It's hard to explain, it just makes watching this a lot more tedious.  Still, 4 stars.
Um, sir?  That's not how you smoke a cigarette.

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