Monday, September 7, 2015

Savage Weekend - 1979

I shouldn't be writing this review.  Not only do I not remember this movie very well, I have 3 other movie reviews floating around in my head.  I watched 4 movies and didn't even touch this blog, and these were all movies that needed to be blog-ified, they were the above mentioned Grindhouse Review.  Man, I feel so separated from that blog title by now.  It feels like I don't even try to be Grindhouse any more.  Sorry, mom.

Savage Weekend is very low-rent.  I went through and watched trailers for every movie in my Amazon watch list.  This was a cool idea I had at work the other day, I was like, "I don't even know what half these are about, I need to see the trailers." And the trailers to a lot of them were really cool, I felt good about my choices  Savage Weekend stuck out too, this movie has a kick ass trailer.  It's not even relevant any more to say the trailer was better than the movie.  There was no comparison at all.  The trailer was great - I was a lame-o, at work, sober, bored - the trailer fixed that.  The movie, on the other hand....

This movie, I guess this is a compliment, didn't feel 70's at all.  I was guessing the year up above and I was definitely going to put 80's.  I was able to detect, with my expertise, that is was actually a faking-it '79 flick.  Isn't it funny how we can quantify a movie based on what year it came out?  We rationalize it in our head.  Oh, so they were all in the, you know, 70's way of wonder....

I think that this movie was about a masked killer.  He stalked people and killed them.  Also, something about a boat.  IMDb tells me there was a boat involved in the plot of this, I don't remember that at all.  I watched this while nearly falling asleep, what can I say.

It had some atmosphere and despite the fact I can't remember it I'll still give it a star.

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