Thursday, September 24, 2015

Night of the Demon - 1980

Bigfoot vision.  
As you can see, they see delicious Smucker's Strawberry Preserves everywhere they look.

So in keeping with weird movies I added a long time ago to my Amazon instant queue I watched Night of the Demon.  I had actually been looking for the cult horror film Night of the Demons, to add that to my queue, but stumbled on this and this was a Bigfoot movie, so of course I added it.  But I truly had no idea what I was getting into with this one.

This one starts in the classic way:  a bunch of people sitting around a campfire telling stories.  Ah, how original.  Of course once they begin to talk we are taken there, shown the things they discuss - Bigfoot in this case, as he preys on backwoods people and kills them.  But he doesn't just show up and clobber a dude and move on, no!  He is fucking savage, he mutilates the fuck outta people, he even rips off some guy's penis!  That scene in particular got this film in quite some trouble, rightfully so in my opinion since they show more than you'd probably care to see.

The scenes in this movie are completely outrageous.  Called a "video nasty" and censored by multiple places, this insane movie will either redefine a bad movie for you, or it will make you laugh out loud with it's sheer preposterous nature.  How it exists despite everything it did wrong, poorly, and with absence of any brainpower at all, is still a mystery.  Bigfoot rapes a girl, he uses weapons, he looks like some guy in a hairy body suit....  In one scene he rips out a guy's guts (they used real animal guts and it actually looks pretty good) but then he just flails them around here and there, completely ignoring some other dude who's trying to get the jump on him!  With all the rules about Bigfoot they were breaking, I half expected him to have dialogue, or smoke a cigarette, or something else retarded like that!

And what the FUCK was with the music in this movie?!  Now, having no skill in music aside, if you are going to DIY the soundtrack to your movie, just do it minimal at least.  Don't go way off the deep end with something because it "sounds weird".  I'd be willing to lay down solid cash that's why they did the soundtrack in the way they did.  It sounded weird.  They clearly just had a weird synthesizer hooked into their electric piano, and just sat there making shit up to go along with the movie.  No score I've heard is this random, jilted, uneven, and horrendous.

But oh my god is this film memorable, insane, fun, and trashy!  It's like a day old fast food cheeseburger you find wedged next to the milk jug in your fridge.  Crushed, a little soggy, gross and stale, but still got that delicious greasy salty fattiness you love.  You microwave that sucka for like a minute, sit back with a tall boy of something cheap and gross like Schlitz, and you wolf that burger down.  Part of it is still cold, part of it is too forgot to take off the lettuce so now the lettuce is warm....the bun got soggier since you microwaved it....but FUCK if that ain't like the best burger ever.

I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have if I'd seen it all in one sitting, while high and drunk and with friends.  This one is definitely a party movie.  If you're alone like I am, then you're a loser like I am.  Go out, see the world.  Talk to girls.  Get a life.  Go to school.  Or, watch Night of the Demon alone on a Thursday while you're at work.

I have to say that Amazon Instant Play usually has decent quality, it is not normally the DVD quality, but then I can't really say because I haven't watched movies on that website that are well known or even on DVD.  But the quality here on this movie was awful (as in awesome).  It was clearly, CLEARLY copied from some battered old VHS, it had tracking and vertical hold problems, it was grainy and shitty quality, the audio had dilapidated quite a bit....all in all these sort of things just make me like the movie more, but this is fair warning to anyone not like me.

For being relentlessly trashy, the ultimate bad movie night movie, and something that I'm super surprised isn't a huge cult hit in line with Birdemic and shit for "worst movie ever" I give it a near perfect rating.

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