Friday, January 16, 2015

Leprechaun 2-6 - 1994,1995,1996,2000,2003

I sort of hate movies that are self aware.  It makes for lousy comedy, no real action/horror, and the appeal of schlock-for-the-sake-of-schlock.  Ugh.  It makes for a very long 90 minutes when you're not drunk.
Leprechaun 2 has the semblance of a horror movie, kind of.  I'm not saying it's good mind you though.  It's just more of what happened in Leprechaun 1.  Leprechaun 1, mind you, was not that bad.  It is solid enough, with some good acting and some okay effects.  It's definitely a good movie for popcorn, drinking, smoking some weed, and generally making fun of.  Leprechaun 2 sort of tries to recapture that magic but with less appealing actors (except for Warwick Davis, who of course is great in all the films).
They do invent neat ways of killing the leprechaun in all 6 movies, I will say that.  And most the movies do rely on practical effects, which is always nice to see.  I am in fact, very much on the "cgi sucks" bandwagon.
Leprechaun 3 is the first movie to take the stupid leprechaun idea and then make it stupider by having it...take place somewhere else?  So, this horror movie needs a new something.  What will we do...Um, take the leprechaun and put him in Las Vegas!  Yeah!  Genius!  I guess.  So in short, it takes place in Las Vegas where "hilarity" ensues.  Yes, although 1 and 2 may have thought they were funny and inserted some comedy, 3-6 go full blown on the "comedy" and really try to keep the stoners in their audience giggling between mouthfuls of potato chips.  I dunno.
So then 4, he goes to......SPACE!  Yes, and I'm sure half of you know this, there is a movie called Leprechaun 4: In Space.  Wheeeeee.  Yep, so he is in space and there's some chick who appears who is supposedly connected to the Leprechaun through some means of some kind.  And it must be the future but how he really got from Las Vegas to here, who cares.  And what else?  Oh, the leprechaun grows to be the size of a giant.  He's like 20 feet tall near the end and it's as horrible effect as you can imagine.  Oh and also, bad cgi in this one.
Leprechaun in the Hood, aka Leprechaun 5 is up next.  This one is kinda weird.  Its got a flute in it that grants the person who plays it with some sort of hypnotizing power, and a couple struggling rap artists get ahold of this thing, play it, capture the attention of their fanbase, and use it to get ahead in the rap world.  Okay, I'll buy that.  Also, Ice-T is in it, and he's a pretty good actor.  He really gets to yell at people too, which is cool!  I love seeing people get really pissed off.  It's pure entertainment. The rest of the movie, well it's better than Leprechaun 4.  And maybe 3.  It's actually not too bad.  You sort of sympathize with the rappers, even though the rap songs in the movie are pretty bad. There's one where they literally just repeat the same line like 5 times.
Then he goes, well, back to the Hood.  What, did they run out of places for him to go?  He couldn't go to like, Africa, or back in time, or maybe to a cruise ship?  I'd love to see him in Hawaii like Jack Frost 2.  Well anyways.  He's in the hood, this one is far less interesting than its predecessor, and it feels like a good place to call the series to an end.
Unfortunately, it did not end there, but there is in fact Leprechaun: Origins out there, which I have not seen yet, but I can assume already, is just not good.

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