Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Demons 6: De Profundis AKA The Black Cat - 1989

I got the enormous thrill of watching Demons 6 De Profundis while very stoned last night.  Having never seen it before, expecting very little, and totally just wanting something that scratched that 80's itch, I was completely surprised by just how good this movie really is.

So I'll save you the trip to Wikipedia (are you supposed to capitalize Wikipedia?) and tell you that the Demons sequels work like this:
Original titleEnglish titleRelease yearAlternate title(s)
Dèmoni 2Demons 21986
"La casa dell'orco"Demons 3: The Ogre1988"The Ogre: Demons 3", "House of the Ogre"
La chiesaThe Church1989Demons 3
Dèmoni 3Black Demons1991Demons 3
La settaThe Devil's Daughter1991Demons 4The Sect
La maschera del demonioThe Mask of the Demon1989Demons 5: The Devil's Veil
Il gatto neroThe Black Cat1989Demons 6: De Profundis / From The Deep
Dellamorte DellamoreCemetery Man1994Demons '95

As you can see, there are 3 different Demons 3, the rest of it is pretty straight-forward.  From what I have read on Wikipedia, The Church is the "real" sequel to Demons 2, and the Ogre and Black Demons are just trying to use the name to their advantage.  

Demons 6: De Profundis may not have intentionally been made to be a sequel to Demons at all, it may have very well stood on it's end, I cannot seem to find that information online.  What I do know is that they do share some common grounds though.  Demons and Demons 2 both had creatures coming out of living television sets, creatures that infected you with the demon virus.  De Profundis doesn't strictly have the Virus of the Demon (cool band name there) in it, but it does have a creature living in a TV that is evil and is trying to kill YOU.

The movie is a little disjointed in plot, kind of weird.  It at times feels like it was maybe 2 movies that were edited together.  The plot is also somewhat confusing.  Basically, some people are making a movie as a sequel to a Dario Argento film.  In their film, they have an actress playing a character named Levana, and this actress starts getting tormented by weird hallucinations.  In the mix somewhere is a black cat skulking around.

Alright.  So the plot is not the high point.  The high point is that it somehow just works, it's weird, it's a mystery, it's kind of creepy, and it doesn't feel like the bottom of the barrel type of sequel we are all expecting with the 6th movie in the franchise.  There is a genuinely weird moment in the film that I was struck by, when a woman gets home, talks to a boy, and a plummer, and then goes into the other room and talks to her friend.  It is then revealed that the boy AND the plummer are both hallucinations.  And the moment she realizes she left the creepy boy alone with her baby...oh man, it was awesome.

Workable effects, some creepy shit going on, and all that entertain enough to distract from the trainwreck plot.  It is interesting that since so few copies of this exist, one of the popular ones and indeed the one I watched is subtitled in Japanese.  I will admit this was interesting to watch when I was stoned, and may have contributed to my solid enjoyment of this flick.

Another thing about this movie is that it looks OLD!  Not just because the quality is extremely poor and the print that was being played was damaged to all fuck.  The characters look 70s, definitely not late 80's.  This feel like it was made in 1976.  I felt that exact year vibe from the entire movie.

Leaving that movie behind I will take a moment and talk about my blog.  I apologize for the last few entries.  I have been distracted from the films, and not giving them in depth reviews.  I have been watching and doing other stuff at the same time, and I feel like I betrayed my quality of review to multi-tasking.  I almost want to delete the posts and go back to rewatch the past movies  (this trend started with Dark Night of the Scarecrow) and rewrite the reviews.  I still might.  
I do apologize again.  
Look for my upcoming review of Microwave Massacre.  Also, maybe Demons 3: The Ogre.  I almost want to watch every film in the franchise, official or not.  Can't find Demons 5 anywhere though.  If anyone has any clue, hook me da fuck UP.

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