Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Demons 2 - 1986

Thought I might as well also review the sequel to the winner Demons.  Demons 2 is like every watered down sequel.  Less blood, gore, less interesting effects and characters, and less rock music even.  It's still better than so many other horror movies though.

This may have been the quick turn around, trying to capitalize on the success of Demons from the previous year.  I don't know that is the case or not, but they did make several other sequels, legitimate or not.  So I'm guessing the first was successful and they tried to follow up that success.

Here are a few of the problems, as I see them:
1) More characters and a bigger setting (being trapped in a large building versus a small theater) means that we care less about them, they are not a plot point, more they are just things, much like a prop and less of a person.
2) Not as much focus on the demons and transformation scenes.  I loved the transformations in the first movie.
3) Not as loud music and less of it.  It's a small thing, but it's noticeable.  And it would've been so easy to pump it full of music!  How is that hard?
4) They throw in an additional thing about the demons that makes no sense!  For some reason in this movie one of the infected men who is a demon suddenly transforms into a fucking gremlin?  Like seriously a gremlin, looks even like the one from Joe Dante's 80's flick.

There are more specifics I could go into, but just re-read number 4 a few times and you'll understand that now additional information is needed.
Seriously they look like gremlins.

The one thing I do love about this movie is the ending.  The first and the second movie both had these questions that would have gotten asked without an answer:
Why are these people locked off from everyone else?  Who is locking them in these places?  Phone lines are cut, and doors are all locked, etc.  What happened with the demons after the events of the movie?  These questions and more are starting to be answered in Demons 2.  It's an interesting ending for sure.

Not as classic or amazing.  Just a watered down standard sequel.

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