Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hospital Massacre - 1982

Also known as "X-Ray" which is the title I saw it under.

Boaz Davidson is a name I knew already before seeing this movie, from his production days.  The dude does have like 150+ production credits.  And like 25 directorial credits.  So we have a known director, what else do we have?  Stars a Playboy model, Barbi Benton.  Has nudity, blood, and lots of death.  Simple hack and slash style that would be enjoyable by most horror fans.

I liked this movie, that should be apparent already.  I'm not going to keep you in suspense on that one.  It was classic, and it was a return to that slasher genre that I love.  I don't know a ton of legit slashers.  I was only into the "big" entries of the series, like Halloween and Friday the 13th and Chucky and whatever.  I wasn't into the unknown spin offs that came out.  I'm referring here to when I was younger.  Now is when I'm finally getting interested in these.  I've seen a few Friday the 13th rip offs and a few Halloween rip offs, but this is perhaps one of the "original" movies that got regarded as just another ripoff, when in fact it's much more.

To match the power behind the director, we also have good cinematography.  Does it seem to anyone else that I've been on a small kick of actually, legitimately decent movies lately?  Weird right?  The fuck is up with that?  A decent music score and a tense atmosphere fills the movie out, and in all it succeeds in what could be seen as a logical brother-from-another-mother of Halloween 2.

What's that?  The plot?  Sure!  Allow me:  Susan Jeremy goes to a hospital for a seemingly simple enough reason: she has to get some results of a blood test she recently took.  At the hospital, there is a crazy doctor who is going around killing people.  In addition to this, someone switched Susan's test results with someone else's, prompting the doctors to keep her at the hospital.  While Susan goes through the stress of not knowing why the doctors seem concerned, we see the maniac killer offing more and more of the hospital staff.

Now, I must say that there are a few WTF elements to this movie.  In an attempt to say "the killer could be any one of these guys" type thing, they have a lot of people acting vaguely weird and unhelpful.  Such as, spoiler here, the seemingly disturbed Doctor Saxon.  Doctor Saxon refuses to tell Susan what's wrong, he acts all bizarre and unhelpful, but in the end he's not the killer...  So was he just being a huge dick then?  Like, why is he being such a fucking jerk?  It's the same with some of the other doctors, and some nurses.  There is no legitimate reason they should be so unhelpful and creepy.

Then again, it does build to the general "who knows what's going on" atmosphere.  We follow Susan (close enough to see her ample chesticles) as she is scared out of her mind in the hospital, until the mad killer has finally killed off most the other people around.  Then she finds a body or two, sees a kill happen, etc.  Of course no one believes her, and soon it's really only her left against this homicidal maniac.  And who the hell is this guy anyway?

Multiple solid deaths in this movie, a truly creepy killer who never says a word for most the film, cool lighting and solid atmosphere.  What else do you really fuckin need?!  It's great!  I would see this again, I'd recommend it, I'd drink or smoke to it.  You could say it's a rip off of Halloween 2, which could be true, but if so it's a damn good one.  I might say it rivals Halloween 2.  Seriously, Halloween 2 was cool up to the part where they shot Michael Myers in both eyes, exploded him, etc, and he keeps coming.  They have an equally cool way to kill the villain in this, but this movie also kept it realistic.
Look at this great lighting here.  This movie was very well shot.

Wrapping things up, I keep giving high reviews.  So another 4 star horror movie.

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