Thursday, April 14, 2016

Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil - 1993

I wanted to go into this franchise right in the freakin middle of it, with zero introduction, just to see how it was.  If it would be confusing, if I'd feel like this was a worthy horror franchise for me to check out, etc.  Ya know how it goes.  I'm also going to write this blog entry in an uncustomary way, as I'm not going to look up a single thing about it online while I write.  Usually I peruse the Wikipedia article if there is one, the IMDb page, whatever the case may be, while I write.

Witchcraft V does the "classic" in terms of a fifth series installment where one does not need to know a lot about the movies prequels going in.  That is, to have the villain appear and be a mystery man.  Your mystery man villain in this is Cain, a magician who seems to have mystic powers, and is overly acted to the point of an almost eye rolling reaction.  Cain hypnotizes people and uses them to his will, which seems to be fucking with the main character dude, William.  William's girlfriend Keli bears the burden of handling most of William's new mannerisms, which includes abuse and demonic influence.

First thing other than that I noticed, you ask?  Damn, this movie has a lot of nudity filler in it!  Seriously, around 30 minutes in, it turns into a regular orgy, where the main evil girl Marta is topless in most of her scenes, Keli gets topless, some secretary girl gets topless, it's a whole load of bouncing tits in this flick!  I loved it!  Also, there were many scenes of girls giving oral sex to guys, which - by the way, is pretty hot.

Witchcraft may be the horror movie with the most sequels, clocking in at 13 of these fuckers.  Jesus god, why?  Okay, I take that back.  If all the movies were like this, then I would not ask why.  But I'm seasoned enough to know that all the movies are not anywhere near this good, without even stepping a foot near them.  I am going to watch Witchcraft 2 now, just to see what it's like, you may or may not get a review.

Not to dwell on it overly long, but it's a fairly decent movie!  Sure, the acting was awful.  But enough skin, and a linear enough plot keeps one watching.  In truth, I don't even fucking remember how this movie ended.  I do remember it was extremely abrupt, the credits were rolling the second these two characters stopped talking, and I laughed at that.  But as a fifth entry it's great!  I mean check this out, it did it's job:  I want to see more of the series.  That's the job of any fifth series film.  So for that, 3.5 B movie stars.

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