Monday, April 4, 2016

Killer Bees - 2005

Man it feels like forever since I wrote one of these.  Yes, it's true, I said I was slowing down, but I don't know if I planned on slowing down this much.  And I have another review "in the works" but this movie was finished first so, you know.  More are coming.  My wife leaves for 3 weeks pretty soon here and I'm gonna do nothing but watch bad movies and drink Camo XXXXX.

This movie practically doesn't even exist.  The IMDb page has no reviews, none of the actors characters names are listed.  I only remember one character name, Yuriko.  There was apparently a different killer bee movie from 2005 called Swarmed, plus there was a movie called Killer Bees in 2009.  Two guesses which films come up when I look up this particular one from 2005.  This movie stops being mentioned after 3 or so Google search results, and I can find zero other people talking about this movie.

Also know as "Killing Bee" which makes it sound like it's only one bee, this film does seem to have actors and a director that have done some other things.  Small things, sure.  Made for TV, check.  Porn, check.  In other words.  So what have you here?  Well, you have an extremely low budget Japanese flick, a very bland "horror" movie about killer bees attacking girls up in the hills somewhere.  They're on a camping trip for some reason, and thus far away from any help.  Turns out the bees are killer bees, and their poison is killing the people they sting.

Most of the time you're watching inane acting by amateur actors.  It's all shot in that recognizable amateur style, cinematography is non-existent, style never attempted, and looks like it was all put together by someone whose age or IQ was roughly 12.  It's not going to kill you though.  I had the rare opportunity to watch a great majority of this film with someone (!) for one of the few times in this blog.  I'm not counting my wife necessarily, but even counting her I think the total is only about 10 movies watched with someone.  Anyhow, me and my buddy were a few beers in and ripped on this flick, and even under that circumstance it was hard.

It's one of those where you're going to be slightly overwhelmed by how bad it is, that it's almost going to leave you speechless.  For some comic appeal if you're drunk, and the ability to sleep through it, I will give it 1 star though.

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