Tuesday, February 9, 2016

K2 - 1991

I had a mild interest in the Everest movie that came out recently (end of 2015) but it's the kind of thing I would only see for free, wouldn't even use a Netflix DVD rental on.  It's just that every one of those movies is pretty much the same.  It's the can they or can't they story of peeps on a mountain, in huge coats, braving the cold, and the hardships they face.  There's always a disaster or two, and we as the audience are always supposedly held in awe and amazement at their feats.

K2 is based on the first American climbers of K2, which was a big deal in 1976.  Of course Everest had been climbed by then, and K2 was like the last frontier.  Supposedly K2 is harder than Everest but not taller, and thus it's list of people that topped it was not long.

I just considered deleting this entire post.

Michael Biehn and....no one else really....star as mountain climbers who do "the usual"climbing and harsh times up K2.  This movie was pretty average.  It does make you wonder why people do this shit.  That's all, two stars.

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