Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Prey - 1984

Remember when this blog was bursting with enthusiasm from a bad film seeker?  Remember the jovial and uncontainable fire that belched forward from me when I would watch some shitty movie?  I think watching these boxsets has killed a lot of my former enthusiasm for this.  It was something I deeply, deeply wanted to do, that I'd wanted to do for years, but I do think that it may have been a mistake.

The problem is that I don't really watch anything else when I'm in the sets.  It feels like, if I'm gonna watch something dumb, it may as well be the bad movie that's on the set versus the one that isn't.  Also, I do like some of the movies on the set.  But in the meantime, it becomes a tremendous chore to keep going through the set movies.  I wish there was an easy answer.

But nights like last night may be part of the answer.  I was trying to find a certain movie on youtube, one which I did not find naturally.  But it recommended this movie, The Prey to me.  It looked like a subpar 80's horror, and for some reason that greatly excited me.  I went home, did my laundry, cooked some pasta, and sat down to The Prey.

The Prey is a good example of the average Friday the 13th copycat.  It is almost the exact same flick as The Forest, which I reviewed over three years ago!  Wow dude, I have officially been doing this blog for way too long.  Similar to The Forest, it shares a lot more in common with Memorial Day Massacre now that I think of it.  Prey came before MDM though, so you know.  Just for completion, here is the link to the other movie that The Prey was similar to, The Final Terror.

Create the checklist here with me:  A group of six attractive teenagers are going to go camping in the wilderness.  There's a old forest ranger who saw something creepy years ago, a lone weirdo who was burned and wandering around the woods alone.  The group of six teens gets all hot and heavy on their first night in the woods, and the next morning two of them go missing.  Could it have to do with the perspective shots that play every once in a while accompanied by the sound of a beating heart?

Along with perspective shots, there are also plenty of psuedo-artsy shots of animals in relative close up, with bizarre music playing to accompany them.  Ants scurrying, worms, snakes, beetles, whatever the case may be.  The best was when a ranger comes across a vulture.  Inter-cutting his anguished face, the body the vulture was feasting on, the vulture itself, again and again, with strange music blasting, and with a scree of noise building....  It was fucking glorious.

I needed a tone shift drastically.  Maybe I'll take a two or three month break from the 70's set.  Cause you know what?  I actually had a GOOD TIME last night.  This movie was pretty good, but it wasn't just that.  Relaxing, not watching some forced 70's comedy or something, seeing horror and 80's, and something linear, I honestly could give this movie 5 stars just based on the night I had last night.  I didn't even drink!  No beer at all, I haven't really been doing the weed thing in a very long time, and I had a tremendous time watching this.

Speaking objectively, it was actually a good movie.  It was well paced, it was only an hour 17 minutes so it wasn't overly long.  It saved the monster to the end, the characters were like-able and the story made sense.  The kills were not shown for the most part, but good when they happened.  The whole thing was good.  It was a great average slasher.  It even left it open for a sequel!  Which, in another dimension, maybe this had the dozen or so sequels that other, lesser horror tropes had.  Why it's not better known is beyond me.  4 stars.

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