Monday, April 23, 2018

Hunk - 1987

I had the experience of having my friend from Santa Rosa over the other day, and he examined what I have been talking about on here for a while, my boxset of 100 Awesomely Cheesy Movies.  He thought it would be cool to watch on of the movies contained herein.

I tried to service my friend and the blog, and I chose Charles Bronson action vehicle Cold Sweat from the Swinging Seventies set..  We got quite a ways into it.  But we weren't really in the mood, and he's not as adept at watching shitty movies as I am.  So he vetoed that, and wanted to watch something from the Excellent Eighties part of the set.

So, I peeled that glorious cling wrap off the Excellent boxset, I took his recommendation, and in went Hunk.  My friend Matt had read me the description of the movie, and I was going to warn him that it might be a lame comedy.  After all, the plot of the movie is that a geeky kid gets a wish of his fulfilled when he wishes to become a hunk.  That plotline sounded like a recipe for terrible 80's jokes and "comedy" but we forged on, I deciding not to mention it.

Like I said, the plot was as dumb as could be expected.  But it being late 80's, the pacing and the feel of it was not all bad.  In fact I very well may have even liked this movie.  I can't decide for sure yet, for some reason.  The movie's unpopular loser is Bradley Brinkman.  He's got the Jew-fro, glasses, awkwardness, he's the 80's ideal nerd.  He wants to get the ladies so he says he would sell his soul to be a hunk.  The devil appears and offers him everything he could want by turning him into good looking beefcake Hunk Golden.  Hunk has it all, the women, fame, money, and car.  But Bradley's only chance to save his immortal soul is to choose to revert back to his nerdy self, and give that all up...

It was a fine movie.  I'm just saying, I finish this and it's like, yeah okay sure.  That worked.  It made sense.  It kept two very drunk guys mildly interested for 90 minutes.  Was it funny?  Ehhh, I'll say not really.  Was it well made?  Sure!  Decent effects, good acting, and it felt like it was relatively "realistic" in the terms where everything made sense and you didn't question XYZ.

The pacing was a little slow, and it's not a plot to keep one guessing.  I guess they didn't really "do" a lot with the idea too.  Hunk Golden has everything, and he falls in love with a girl.  Naturally that is what eventually makes him wanna turn back into Bradley, but will the girl accept him for who he actually is?  Well of course, ya fucking idiot, it's an 80's comedy.  Naturally everything is going to work out in the end.  But besides the girl, he never really learns any lessons from the brief spotlight.  He fucks a bunch of women, shows off like hell, he does everything he wants and gets a girl, and in the end never learns a lesson except that apparently if you bait girls well enough they will put up with a still relatively attractive slightly more nerdy dude.

Huh.  I feel like I liked it a little less now.  But I think 3 stars sounds around right.

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