Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cold Sweat - 1970

Charles Bronson is not a actor I have seen a lot.  Death Wish and it's sequels is perhaps the only movie of his that is in my usual genre type, and if that's an adequate excuse, then I will run with it.  I dunno, he's in a lot of western movies and a lot of other random stuff.  It's not my foray.  Although I do wonder if there's another Bronson appearance on the 70's or 80's boxset...?

Bronson had a Dolph Lundgren-esque career as an action star.  A dude that had certainly "made it" and had been around for a long time, but played quite down the list of action stars and didn't have as much popularity.  Well, maybe not.  Maybe he was more like, uh fuck...  well, anyways.  I can't think.  Man I'm fucking tired.  I guess kinda like Steven Seagal.  Or something.  Lundgren is perhaps too minor an actor, though I do love him.

Charles Bronson was an action star for a while in the 70's, and this movie was directed by James Bond regular Terence Young.  Cold Sweat was also based off a book written by Richard Matheson.  I'm not too familiar with Matheson, but I have read some of his books, so that part of the credits did make me excited for this movie.

Bronson plays Joe Martin, a boater dude who is living in France with his family.  Turns out Joe has a history that comes creeping back, as these things do.  Some men who Joe escaped from 10 years ago appear and begin to make matters rough for Joe and his familia, and pretty soon it's the standard "retired criminal versus mob bosses" scenario where the stakes are high and the details low.

This is also the type of movie where, as exciting as it may be in idea, it does sort of fall flat.  As I said in my review of Hunk, I put this movie on when my friend was over.  We got relatively far into it as well.  Like an hour.  But it was too slow, not very interesting, and it was sort of unclear what was really going on.  I'm sure a lot of this could be rationed as our reaction due to being drunk as hell and generally low patience, but we are somewhat good at sitting through bad movies.  My friend vetoed this one and we watched Hunk instead, basically.

It's an average action flick, inspired by James Bond, and it's a revenge story.  It's got decent actors.  It's got some kills.  It has a few short nudity flashes.  But all in all, it really wasn't all that great and I'm just going to give it a 2.

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