Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Years Evil - 1980

I'm only like 12 days late for New Years, no biggie.  C'mon.  This is perhaps the best known of New Years based horror film.  I mean, yes, there are other movies that take place on New Years.  But only this and Bloody New Year have titles that revolve around the fact that 1) it's New Years and 2) it's a horror movie.

Immediately I am reminded of Alice Sweet Alice from 1976.  Probably cause the masks are similar.  There's also some similarity in pacing and feel.  But since I haven't reviewed that one yet I guess I'll be a little more descriptive about this movie's plot and all that.

New Years Evil is about a sort of based on real life world.  It's a little more glitzy and strung out then our world, but it's kinds like "believable".  Absolutely awful looking celebrity woman Diane Sullivan is doing some ridiculous TV special for New Years.  People are calling in for some reason, and soon she gets a call from a killer telling her he's going to kill someone at the stroke of midnight.  I should also mention that this movie takes place in New York, and that's kinda important for later.

She blows him off, but is obviously fazed by him.  He tells her where the body's going to be or some other info, and at midnight the kill happens as he said, and the cops find out.  Then she's freaked, and the killer calls back.  Turns out what he's going to do is kill someone each time it turns to midnight in each different time zone of the US.  So 3 more bodies are going to show up.  That's at least a pretty good idea to have, kinda the ticking clock idea.

The kills in this range from pretty dumb to average, there's nothing terribly special about them.  Honestly, it's a pretty okay movie, I think it ranges right in the middle of most barometers.  I don't have tons to say about it, for whatever reason.

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