Monday, November 2, 2015

Brain of Blood - 1971

I watched this under the title of "The Oozing Skull" and it's also known as "The Undying Brain" and "The Creature's Revenge".  Enough titles already?

Immediately I had the experience with this movie where I felt like this was made (almost certainly) with a comic intent.  It's just different in the feel, in the atmosphere, in the aesthetic.  Yeah, I dunno, it may not have been intentional, but it felt to me like it was at least a percentage tongue in cheek.  In that 70's way wherein it still wants to be horror movie, it just is kinda aware that well, it sucks, and it's not going to succeed in that classic sort of way.

Maybe it's the plot.  Because not only has it been done before many times, I've fucking reviewed this exact same plot with the film "The Head"!  How many times can you do the plot of "I'm removing guy X's brain and putting it into body Y"?  I mean seriously?!  And how many times do they put that brain into a body that's an animal, that's some huge lumbering guy, that's deformed, that's grotesque....It's never like, put into someone normal.  I am beginning to wonder if normal people even exist in movies anymore.

In this installation of "brain goes into X body", the brain gets put into some lumbering hulk of a dude with a burned face.  A flashback at one point tells us that this guy got his face burned when two thugs decided to pour battery acid onto his face.  It gave me this whole internal dialogue about what would actually happen should you get battery acid on you, and according to google image search that shit will indeed fuck you up.  The makeup though is horrible.  It's like someone used a glue stick to glue this weird paper thing onto the guy's face, and sometimes the paper sort of peels off, or looks wonky.
sorry for the quality here....

On Tuesday of last week, I got back from a 8 day vacation, came to work, and around 9:30 in the morning I went and bought a "work beer".  It was just that kind of a day.  So I downed a 16 ounce can of beer at work and watched this flick, and it was just about as awesome as it sounds.  This movie did feel like an almost comedy, and that was also helped by what of the following (quiz portion of the review):
1) A midget with a vaguely foreign sounding name
2) A woman chained up in the basement
3) Bland kills
4) All of the above

If you guessed 4, All of the above, you are correct!  Not only have you watched movies like this before, you may even know this blog!  It's like I said, this movie has been done so many times before.

Despite all that, the movie was about as entertaining as it could be, and with the right atmosphere, you'll like it.  Maybe.  3 stars.

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