Thursday, November 5, 2015

Barracuda - 1978


So maybe I've been more link happy.  What of it?  I actually hate that song too, and I didn't even think of it once before I started this review.  The song is just that style of rock I hate, like the "Hungry Like the Wolf" Duran Duran song.  I just don't like it!  I dunno bro, it's not my jam.

This movie might take the prize for "most anti-climactic movie ever" to some people.  First of all, the pacing sucks.  It's slow, the kills are not well done, the editing makes them just float by, and the atmosphere of the movie is non-existent.  Also, the killer fish, the barracudas, are not intimidating to the eye.  I actually had several times where I questioned:  are these the killer fish, or are we still waiting for the real killer to show up?  Partly that's because the kills suck, partly that's editing, but mostly just because the fish themselves look lame.

That might be "realistic" but it doesn't translate well here.  Also, the apparent ripoff feel of Jaws is heavy here, and the originality is near non-existent.  The funny thing about this movie too is that on Amazon Prime it was listed as Barracuda AKA The Lucifer Project, yet nothing else online refers to it as The Lucifer Project.

So your plot is the whole government conspiracy thing.  Someone is putting this toxin in the water, the toxin makes you always feel hungry, plus it ups your aggression and what have you.  That's all bad bad bad, and the fish are killing other fish, and then they're killing humans.  The underwater scenes are pretty cool and easily the highlight of the film, your standard monster cam takes care of most of the hunting and killing scenes, but when it's just the majesty of the ocean, a single scuba diver, etc, it's actually really neat.

This is really just another bad killer fish movie, and I don't know what else there is to dwell on there.  So let's skip to the end, spoiler warning here.  Another movie where in the end the main heroes, protagonists, die!  WTF?!  I'm not saying it's bad.  It's just so unexpected.  They finally link the aggression in the barracuda to this company, a cop and a science guy are leading the investigation....  They infiltrate the base of operations and get in a gun fight with two baddies. The reinforcement cops arrive just in time, baddies throw down guns, etc.  Then a nod from the baddies to the reinforcement cops, the cops turn their guns to the heroes and fire.  So I guess they were trying to say that since the government was in on this, they got to all the cops too.

Okay, great?

This movie wasn't that bad, but it certainly doesn't deserve any spot on the midnight movies, cult movies, movies to be watched in general lists.  Maybe if you're high enough, maybe.  I was drinking some Chinese beer during, and it did nothing for my enjoyment of it.

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