Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Giant of Metropolis - 1961

Ugh, what a way to end the boxset.  You hear me, sci fi invasion, I fucking killed you!  You as the casual reader that doesn't exist won't know this, but I've had the sci fi invasion boxset sitting right next to my DVD player for over a year.  I mean, why put it away?  I knew I had more movies from it to watch!  So I kept it right there, and I watched things from it, and NOW I can move it, finally!

Mill Creek is kind of like the slumlord of DVD boxsets.  Anyone with a shady past and a few measly dollars to his name can be put up for a night as long as they don't cause any waves and the cops don't come around asking questions.  Mill Creek somehow asks people to cough up $30 for this boxset, but....see my next review, of the boxset, for now I guess I'll stick to the movie.

What the fuck can I say about The Giant of Metropolis?  First of all, there is no giant in it.  It instead has Gordon Mitchell as some giantly muscled up dude name Obro or Ohro, on IMDB it has both names in different places, and he is the through and through good guy that is gonna help out Atlantis.

I wondered while I watched this, well more specifically I wonder right now, why have all these movies taking place in Atlantis?  It's like they were afraid by putting this in Greece or Rome or something that they'd be declared as false.  And I get it, they're based on myths.  But I'm just saying, what are the chances that people saw these movies because they were looking for accurate depictions of myths?  I'm guessing that these movies weren't watched by scholars who were interested in ancient myths of Atlantis and Hercules and shit.  They were probably watched by kids, teens, and young adults who just wanted fun entertainment.

Anyways, Obro is just your average beefcake guy that is wandering around when he gets involved in the happenings at Atlantis.  Evil scientist Yotar is causing problems, and it's up to Obro and princess Mecede to try and stop him.  There are regrettably no test-your-strength scenes, so the movie lags a bit.  In fact, this movie felt like it was almost incomplete.  It does have that typical fashion of saving all the action for the ass end of the film, but even once that happens it still felt hollow and incomplete.

These types of films are best when there's more characters, or where the characters are truly challenged in one way or another.  In this, there is never a conflict, everything is straight as an arrow as we watch Obro be good, and Yotar be evil.  Shot in Italy, it looks okay, and the acting is a fine-whatever type of thing, but in the end I'd say it's a sub-par sword and sandal flick, even as lowbrow as sword and sandal flicks of the 60's went.
1.5 stars.

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