Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pigs - 1972

I just finished the movie Pigs from 1972.  This is gonna be a real short review.

Ultimately, this movie was watchable, but not something I'm gonna think about for more than a day(ish) or dwell on.  This was another semi-bottom-of-the-barrel Troma distributed cannon fodder thriller/horror film.  I read online that director Marc Lawrence put a mortgage on his house to get this movie made, as it ran out of money.  I have to wonder if this made enough back to justify that.

Mr. Zambrini is a restaurant owner that lives there also, and has a bunch of pigs out back.  His voice-over at one point tells us that the pigs accidentally tasted human flesh at one point, and now they crave it and won't eat anything else.  Since Zambrimi depends on the pigs, he keeps finding people to kill and feed to his pigs.  It's an excuse to have pigs eating people, basically.

Zambrini runs into homicidal girl-on-the-run Lynn Webster.  We gather that whenever the weird "Daddy's little girl" song plays she slips into some sort of homicidal alternate persona, and she kills someone pretty soon, which Zambrini sees and kinda realizes they're two of the same.  Zambrini and Lynn dodge the persistent questions by the police as well as Lynn's shady past.  Meanwhile, a couple pesky neighbor ladies sense something is wrong.

It's okay, it's not as unprofessionally done as you might imagine.  The characters are likable and they do an adequate job keeping the pace going.  There was no real nudity, killing scenes, hell there might not have even been any bad language, which might make this like, a hard PG rating in all honesty.  It played out like any 70's movie that was low budget, essentially.  Not a lot to write about here.  The pigs don't really get much screen time, so most of the movie is eccentric Zambrini and Lynn, just, you know, doing whatever.

I'll give it 2 stars.

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