Monday, July 25, 2016

Future Hunters - 1986

I just cannot get this review started.  You know reading this, if anyone ever has, doesn't capture the process.  It doesn't capture me, tired on a Monday morning, sitting at work and feeling depressed, as I wonder "what the fuck happened in Future Hunters, anyway?"  I know you know that.  I know this isn't like, a portrait of me as a person.  But it's funny cause these are my thoughts, this is ME, and yet anyone who ever read it would never know that, cause they don't know me.

Anyways, that was my introspective moment there.  Future Hunters stars Robert Patrick.  In the plot, the spear that killed Jesus is rescued in the future by a guy who then must go back in time to save the world with the spear.  Kind of similar to Terminator, but before Robert Patrick was in T2, so this does get some credit.  This guy passes the spear off to Robert Patrick and Linda Carol, the two stars of the film, and then it's on them to care for the thing and save the world.
The music was pretty cool too.  Actually, you know, this movie was pretty good.  It's your regular action adventure film, these two are pretty good in the roles, and the action is decent.  About 15 minutes of it coulda been edited out, and the ending coulda made more sense, but hey, I'll take it for what it was.  Robert Patrick is a good antihero, and the girl (who really didn't do many films) was not bad at all.

This film was directed by Filipino schlock hero Cirio H. Santiago, best known for blaxploitation films like TNT Jackson.  He's directed a pretty big handful of low budget, easy to digest action movies that range from yawn-inducing to decently entertaining, and this is somewhere over in the decently entertaining side of things.  This may be the first of his films I've reviewed on the blog.  File that under "reviewed because of Sci Fi Invasion boxset".

As I said, a bit overly long and the ending got weird with Amazon women and all sorts of other dumb shit, but it was still okay.  It felt ahead of it's time, with obvious similarities to Terminator. Terminator meets Indiana Jones, basically.  It was likable and weird enough to appeal to a large audience.  I give it 3 stars.

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