Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Women's Prison Massacre - 1983

Emanuelle Escapes from Hell (ItalianEmanuelle fuga dall'inferno), also known as Blade ViolentWomen's Prison Massacre, and Emanuelle in Prison. 

Just wanted to clear that up. And in case you don't know, Emanuelle is a long, long running series with both legitimate and illegitimate sequels that's all about sex. Usually they just throw the name Emanuelle in there to capture the audience, they want you to know it's sexy, whether there is actually someone named Emanuelle in the film or not.

In the case of this movie, IMDb tells me there was an Emanuelle, but I don't know which one was her. I don't know or remember any of the characters names, so there could'a been 4 Emanuelle's. Notice how in movies, no characters are ever named the same? In real life, people named John meet other John's every freakin day, but in movies there's one John, one Dave, one Steve or Carol or whatever. I digress. Emanuelle is played by super hot Indonesian woman Laura Gemser, and there's really only a thin plot to get to the nudity in this movie.

In the beginning, Emanuelle is a reporter and goes to the women's prison to report on the conditions there. There's some nudity and torture scenes as the guards and other prisoners fight her, and then some criminal gang busts into the jail and takes all the women hostage. They have sex with the prisoners, one of them even fucks the female prison warden in an really cool sexy scene. The last 40 or so minutes is just them, in the prison, having sex, and a slow build up of police who really do nothing of value in the entire movie.

The film was cheap, short, and easy. Directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso, it was Italian trash cinema at it's finest. Some of the girls are pretty unattractive too, and seeing them naked isn't awesome, but I always appreciate movies where there's actual normal people in them. There is enough hot chicks to go around though. A fun romp, but giving it lots of stars would be hugely inaccurate.

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