Friday, July 31, 2015

The Perfect Host - 2010

Well another movie I wasn't going to include...not much to say here.

David Hyde Pierce (DHP) plays a psycho dude who has a criminal in his house.  At first the criminal looks in charge and DHP is just some scared guy in a suit, turns out DHP drugged the guy's wine and once he wakes up he realizes DHP is f'in crazy.  DHP sees imaginary people, has a scrapbook of people he's killed, etc.

The movie strongly relies on DHP making an utter fool of himself and I can only imagine that these people had seen or at least knew of his role in Frasier, and wanted to see him acting weird.  There is little other reason to see this movie, actually, other than to see DHP act like a buffoon, and the scene where he has sex with a figment of his imagination.  He's a decent enough actor and believable, but it pushes that crazy card a bit too far and ends up just being kind of stupid.

It wants to be a black comedy, funny in it's portrayal of an utter psycho, but instead it just comes off as a bad script.  Throughout the film it flows a little bit jerky at times, but it's not until the end when you realize that it's one of those movies where the plot is laid out in just such a way where it's like, the characters in the film must've known exactly what the other would do 10 steps ahead of them.

There's one example where the criminal John escapes DHP and grabs a sword off the wall to stab DHP with.  Turns out the sword is fake.  So DHP knew that John would go for that, versus say a kitchen knife or steak knife, fire poker, etc?  WTF.  The plot is one of those where if any one character did one single thing differently, every one else's plan wouldn't have worked out.  It's a plot of convenience.

For keeping me interested for about 10 minutes out of its 90+, I give it a star.

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