Thursday, June 25, 2015

Infra-man - 1975

Also known as The Super Inframan and Chinese Hercules

Well, here we go, this review is going to be hard to write.  I am going to admit right off that I don't necessarily like movies like this, nor do I know a lot about them.  The infamous Shaw brothers produced this movie, and like many of their other productions it's pretty high budget and obviously took a lot of work.  I was also drunk during parts of this, watching it over the span of a couple days because I literally cannot watch a movie like this in one sitting.

Here is how I work:  I like me some flash and fast pacing, but I also like some straight forwardness, some plot, and a well paced movie versus just nonstop action.  I'll probably get torn a new one from all my nonexistent readers for giving Infra-man low marks.  But who the fuck cares.

This movie is a pure, 100% fighting nonsense whatever thing.  I feel completely sure about saying that even though my grasp of the "plot" wasn't that strong.  Essentially some evil queen comes to Earth with her army of rubber suit monsters, the humans create Infra-man out of some normal dude, Infra-man is the warrior for the Earth, and yup that's it.  The next like hour and 15 minutes is fighting, fighting fighting, flips, explosions, explosions, monsters, weird's like a fucking whirlwind hits you.

The movie is probably the best one ever if you love things like Power Rangers, Ultraman, and the like.  It has endless childish high paced action violence, but if you're looking for anything substantial....well you might want to looks somewhere else.  Not that this movie gets lumped into the countless bad movies out there.  It's just that it's about as deep as a puddle in the middle of the hottest day in the Sahara desert....there's really nothing to it.  Now, everyone does their jobs, of course, and the movie looks great.  It's high production value, the costumes and sets are awesome, and actors are classically so over the top and ridiculous that it's in a whole new league of acting.

My best advice is, put it on if you're in the mood for action, but childish action, and if you wanna see something that's Godzilla-like in it's over the top-ness and insanity, but less plot and explanation and more of shit blowing the fuck up.  For what it is it's by far the best in it's league, and nothing comes even close to it's weirdness.  I am not going to give it a rating, cause by my standards it's maybe just a 3 or something, but these are not my types of films.  So, enjoy it for what it is.

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