Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dollman - 1991

Here I am once again reviewing a film that I wasn't sure if I should review or not.  It came down to this: I watched two films made by Full Moon Pictures, "Dollman" and "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death".  I wasn't going to review them both, that would just be too much grade Z action/comedy/adventure films for my review site.  So I might sort of review Avocado Jungle here too, but mostly this is my review of Albert Pyun's Dollman.

Dollman is early 90's enough to where it's enjoyably stupid.  It's not new enough to be just a fucking sludgefest like the later Charles Band produced bad movies, but it's made to be bad- it's a bad movie with the knowledge it's bad, and made to be enjoyably bad.  Like most Charles Band fare, it's ridiculous, low budget, and if you decided not to watch it you would truly not be missing a single thing.  There's not too much to say about it so let's get to the plot.

Tough cop Brick Bardo is the sort of guy who doesn't follow the rules.  He walks right into a hostage scene at the beginning of this film and casually starts to do his laundry, ignoring the scared hostages and gun crazy maniac.  He gets fired for this, but doesn't really care.  Then he hops into his spaceship, chases a floating head villain named Sprug, and gets sucked into some sort of weird wormhole or something.

Bardo appears on Earth, where he is now the size of an action figure.  We never really see exactly his size, but it looks like he's anywhere between 5-10 inches tall.  The movie never had the budget (I'm guessing that's the reason anyway) to do multiple shots of exactly Bardo's size in comparison to other things, so it's hard to tell.  Anyways, Bardo begins his stay on Earth by shooting some villains and injuring gang leader Braxton Red (Jackie Earle Haley) who teams up with floating head Sprug, and together they try to kill Bardo and the woman whom he saved from the gang, Debi.

It's pretty retarded, but it's also enjoyable, you kind of either love these types of movies or hate them.  I'm sort of in between on these.  I like them alright in little doses, but too much of this shit gets really old really fast.  It's averagely paced, averagely acted, and has nothing special about it.  It does belong to a long line of miniature people type movies that Charles Band is involved with, including 10 of the Puppetmaster films, 2 Demonic Toys films, and 2 Dollman films, one of which is a crossover, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys.  Oh then there's also Puppetmaster vs. Demonic Toys. Goddamn.

Dollman is a good movie to put on if you're drinking, smoking, riffing, or just bored.  It entertains better than a lot of Band features, and it's not THAT bad.  I give it 2 stars.

Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death is just ok.  It has Bill Maher in it, which is somewhat odd, and it was made in 1989.  Most the comedy is really not funny, and the movie is low budget as fuck.  It's about a feminist tribe in California that is killing their men, and for some reason they decide to send in this feminist teacher to learn about them.  She takes along her airhead blond student and Bill Maher, and blah blah "hilarity" ensues.

It's not anywhere near as entertaining as the title would make it sound, but the cheesiness factor makes it watchable and the actors are actually pretty good.  It also has Adrienne Barbeau as the leader of the cannibal women, and thus makes one wonder if this movie actually had connections or a budget to secure two fairly well known actors.

All in all, Avocado Jungle is not as entertaining as Dollman, and only gets one star.

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