Monday, October 17, 2016

Star Pilot - 1966

It seems like it's been a little bit since I reviewed something off the sci fi invasion boxset.  So I took in Star Pilot, at some point, and got about 45 minutes into it.  Then I went to watch the rest, and discovered I didn't know what was going on in the film.  So I rewound it (do you still call it rewinding it on a DVD?) still didn't know what was going on, and in the end I actually restarted the entire movie.

This is one of those, this is one of those movies where it's pretty unclear what the actual plot is.  It starts out pretty good too.  Some guys are digging, and they find a weird cave, and then a spaceship that's buried in this ancient cave.  Onboard the ship is Kaena, the vaguely evil alien, and her cohorts.  The scientists who find the thing somehow get some Asian men involved, and some of the aliens and humans start to fall in love or whatever, and it goes from there.  Eventually, we discover that maybe the scientists have something to hide.

I wasn't too sure what happened between finding the ship and the plot twist near the end.  It seems at some point, they take off from the planet, and are simply flying through space for no reason with no destination.  I will admit to being quite drunk during a lot of this movie.

The spoiler warning and odd ending was that near the end, the aliens are like, okay, let's go back to Earth.  They link up to the humans mind, and determine the humans are hiding something.  Find out pretty soon that the humans knew that the Earth was about to be destroyed by a series of vague montages.  It was this, and several set pieces and characters, and basically a lot of other stuff, that made me remember Doomsday Machine a lot.  This one and that are like, first cousins or something in terms of plot and feel.

This one was a lot more confusing, and I didn't exactly like it.  It felt like the kind of movie that was heavily edited down from something else, though apparently this was not the case.

One good thing about it, at one point my wife was like, "Their dubbing is off." and I said it was not originally in English.  She asked what language it was and where it was filmed.  Now, keep in mind I had no idea cause I hadn't checked, but I intuitively said "Italy".  Yep.  I was right, filmed in Italy in Italian.  It just had that "I was filmed in Italy" feel to it that I picked up on, apparently.  1.5 star.

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